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WinRAR is the world’s pre-eminent expert in sufficing all your data compression and decompression requirements. With over 500 million users worldwide, it stands as a perfect software tool that efficiently compresses and archives your electronic files.

If a file is large in size, it will require a greater amount of time for downloading, attaching, and sending (and will cause particular problems in email attachment as these email applications have a limit to the file size). Whereas, nowadays, who doesn’t want to save more disk space, make the downloading process faster, and improve file shareability? WinRAR makes it possible by simply compressing the relatively large files into materially smaller-sized folders or decompressing the already packed files in order to view them and access the intended use.

These features are further enhanced with WinRAR Portable, which, as is deducible by the name, is the portable version of the larger WinRAR. Let’s take a deeper look at the specific features of WinRAR Portable.

Top Features of WinRAR Portable 2022

WinRAR Portable does everything that the ever-loved larger WinRAR can do. It provides the same services with the same level of efficiency and effectiveness. However, it has a degree of advantage over its larger version when it comes to mobility. WinRAR Portable performs all of its functions without the need for installation. This makes the process quicker and provides a comparative edge for busy people as a bee and who require to carry this software with them to places that may not have internet access. It can easily be downloaded on your computer and then transferred to a USB flash drive where it is saved and thus available for use whenever and wherever you need it. All you need to do is make the USB your companion!

Powerful Compressor

Not only is WinRAR Portable a useful compressor, but it is also much more than that! Infused in this software are additional functions that allow you to outstandingly organize, meticulously manage, and effectively exchange your files while ensuring their protection.


In order to prevent unauthorized access to your files, WinRAR Portable lets you set a password to save all your crucial files. This way, even if your portable device is misplaced, the safety of your electronic documents is not compromised.

Storage Space

Want to save an even greater amount of storage space? This is where WinRAR Portable is precisely beneficial. You can just set the software to delete the original files from your computer once transferred to your portable device.

Available in multiple versions

The accessibility of WinRAR Portable is further reinforced by the fact that it can run on any device and that there are versions available for all operating systems, be it Windows, Mac, Android, etc.

Multiple formats

Apart from these features, WinRAR’s already admired features like a simple, user-friendly interface and the creation of archives in Zip and RAR formats remain constant with WinRAR Portable.

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Screenshots of WinRAR Portable

WinRAR Portable free download WinRAR Portable download

Download Portable WinRAR from our website now

To sum it up, if you have the need to compress your ever-so-large files or to view and access the already compressed files while ensuring transportability, WinRAR Portable 2022 is the utility that has to be sought!

To gain access to this extremely useful software, click here to download.

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