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Corel Draw x4 Portable
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Widely used software by graphic designers – Corel Draw x4.

The most versatile tool for graphics editing – Corel Draw x4.

A vast variety of illustrations and layout supportable on any device – Corel Draw x4.

Corel Draw x4 is indeed one of the most dynamic and versatile graphic designing software in the market. It has extensive use that virtually allows it to be used for multiple purposes by multiple users. This professional yet intuitive software has long been core to graphic designers. Be it a one-off project, or a continuous workload of designing, Corel Draw x4 has always been there!

Corel Draw x4 Portable is the more mobile version of the standard Corel Draw x4. It enables you to perform your graphic designing tasks timely and effortlessly without the need to install the software. Carry the software in a portable device wherever you go, and you can showcase your graphical talent wherever you want to!

The primary function of Corel Draw x4 Portable is to create vector illustrations. Although primary, it is not the only use of this amazing software. Designers can virtually suffice all of their designing needs with just one software – Corel Draw x4 Portable. With its indispensable and wonderful toolset, graphic designers all around the world continue to create business logos, illustrations, graphics, signs, and much more. This all-purpose software continues to stay at the heart of a graphic designer’s workflow.

main editing screen of corel draw

To study its usefulness, let’s look at its basic, uncompromising, and idiosyncratic features. Also, try Sony Vegas Portable Free

Professional graphics editing tools for all users.

There is a variety of niches that Corel Draw x4 Portable is used in. The list includes textiles, signage and printing, blueprints and maps, marketing, illustration, and fine arts. These are just some of the many usages of Corel Draw x4 Portable as I render myself incapable of listing them all. Obviously, it has panoramic tools to serve each of the niches adequately. In fact, it does more than just suffice the basic needs of each niche; it has enriching tools that let you create true masterpieces regardless of your area of work.

Compatible with other plug-in software and graphic applications.

Although having no loopholes, Corel Draw x4 Portable still (probably out of courtesy) fully supports plug-ins, if the extensive tools and multiple layouts and illustrations aren’t enough for you. You can download any graphic application you want and co-operate it with Corel Draw x4 Portable. It won’t be offended!

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Well-managed and intriguing interface.

Corel Draw x4 Portable lives up to its reputation by effectively organizing the highly complex tools in a well-managed interface. It lets you perform the basic tasks with supreme potency by giving easily recognizable names to tools for coloring, styling, or templates. Creativity, coupled with convenience!

Although highly compelling, Corel Draw x4 Portable isn’t still at Adobe’s level but has assuredly come a long way to now being its major competitor. With continuous improvements and enhancements, it could win over Adobe fans any time soon!

Try it out for yourself and then compare it. Download now!

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