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Nero Portable is primarily a ROM burner that suffices your needs to burn and copy all sorts of CDs, DVDs, and other discs. It is claimed to be a disc burner supporting any kind and make of available discs. As a part of being a great burner, it allows you to compile your discs or copy stuff in it efficiently. Thus, it can safely be concluded that it is a complete solution for your disc-related problems.

Nero Portable 2022 Review

Since it is a portable application, you do not need to install it in your PC (say goodbye to storage space problems!), and it can be transferred on a removable drive, thus allowing it to be taken wherever required. The drive carrying the application will also have the modifications made in the application’s settings; therefore, there is no need to bother the host computer. Also Check: WinRAR Portable here.

Top Features of Nero Portable

Nero dates back to 1997 when its first version was made available. With the progress in time and change in customer demands, Nero revolutionized itself to address all its consumers’ particular needs, and now it stands as a standalone, multifunctional, portable burner.

  • Can burn every model of the disc.

Be it a CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD or a Blu Ray disc, Nero Portable burns them all! It is a jack of all trades that can proficiently write content to all sorts of recordable discs. Not only does it provide efficacy in copying, but it also ensures quality and speed. The burning rate of Nero Portable still achieves top marks and hence can burn your discs at a pace unlike others. Quality alongside speed, what more do you need?

  • Great for copying and compiling your disc with SecurDisc technology.

SecurDisc is a technology that is brought about by the creators of Nero Portable. It is a mechanism that adds multi-layer protection to your disc. This ensures that all the data in your disc is not only perfectly copied, but protected too. It is claimed to be a technology that safeguards your disc against copying theft, aging, and damaging or destructing. Hence, once copied, it always remains!

  • Effectively splits the data in your disc.

You cannot only copy your data onto your disc using Nero Portable, but you can also organize it. This is a very distinguishing feature that is offered by Nero Portable. If you have a huge file that needs to be copied on your disk, Nero Portable allows you to create a split disk to store fragments of data arranged adequately by you. You may also like to download BlueStacks Portable.

  • Simple to use for both the novice and the professional.

The interface of Nero Portable is quite simple and easy to use. There is no technical knowledge required to perform the task. It is simple as all the functionalities are clearly and neatly displayed onto the screen with an effective organization that allows even the novice to execute the job correctly.

Screenshots of Nero Portable Software:

Nero Portable download

Nero Portable free download

Basic system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later
  • Memory (RAM): minimum of 1 GB required.
  • Hard Disk Space: minimum of 500 MB required.

Once you fulfill these meager requirements, you are all set to download Nero Portable 2022.

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