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Google Earth Portable lets you explore the Earth with the search power of Google. You can wander around any country, city, area, or even street by merely typing in the desired location through this powerful software. Before you know it, you are there!

With the ultra-fine combination of satellite imagery, maps, and geographical information, Google Earth Portable allows you to travel as far as space and as close as your neighborhood! Its potential is not restricted to merely showing the maps. With this high functioning software integrated with the world’s most powerful search engine (Google), you can even gain site of 3D terrain and buildings of your entered location. This means that Google Earth Portable has the potential to provide rich graphical content within your grasp.

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Google Earth Portable free download

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The extensive technological integration in Google Earth Portable can further allow you to gain gripping details of facts such as the name of roads, schools, stadiums, and even the crime statistics of the specific location. Along with these mesmerizing features, it also has some characteristics that are similar to Google Maps. For example, it tells you how densely an area is populated or how much traffic is in a place. You don’t even need to know the name of your desired location. If you have any associated data like a street address or latitude/longitude coordinates, Google Earth Portable will take you to that exact place and then tell you the name itself!

Such powerful qualities are packed in a portable software! What more could a traveler want? Take Google Earth Portable with you wherever you are and access its fabulous features right away!

Features of Google Earth Portable

  • Earth depicted in high resolution

You have the entire globe in your hands, but better! Gain an in-depth insight of not only the location or directions to a place, but the unification with Google Search also allows you to get all the essential information regarding the area. Be it the name of the city, its famous places, restaurants, etc. Everything organized seamlessly into a straightforward interface, packed with high-functioning tools to enhance your experience. Now getting localized details, driving directions, etc. is just a click away. Included within this wide variety of features is precisely calculating the area and radius of any place or building.

  • Local search

Google Earth Portable not only allows you to search for a whole new city or country, but its local search feature also lets you search for schools, restaurants, parks, or cinemas near you. Along with this, it provides you the directions to those places, how long will it take you to reach there, and how much traffic will you get on your way. So, you can carefully plan your vacations, holiday, or an evening out!

·         Data sharing option

With Google Earth Portable, you can also add a “Placemark” of your favorite places and view them in “My Places.” Well, not just view them but share them with your loved ones. Now you can share your data and publish it, coupled with its ability to capture video streams.

This power-packed software can now be in your hands. All you need to do is click the Download button.

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