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Collaboration in every company, project, or even freelance business relies heavily on working with documents. If in your search for a perfect office suite you are concerned about accessibility, functionality, or security of omni-present Google and Microsoft, ONLYOFFICE Docs is an alternative you might want to consider.

ONLYOFFICE Docs is a collaborative online suite for working on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that can be used both in the cloud or on your own server, or even integrated into existing environment. Let’s discover more.

Work online with complete desktop functionality

ONLYOFFICE Docs is online-first, with all editing and formatting features available via web interface as if it was a desktop app.

It offers necessary functionality to create a variety of content, from blog articles to academic papers and contracts — with advanced text editing and formatting tools, complex work with objects, text and page layouts, additional plugins for translation, thesaurus search, bibliography creation, working with photo and video, and more.

Spreadsheet editor features over 450 formulas, pivot tables, filtering and sorting options, Sheet Views, smart equation editor and chart data manager.

You can create rich presentations with clear-cut schemes built with customizable charts and autoshape clusters, editable images, and text and slide decoration tools. Presenter mode allows telling your story without stress with notes and pointer.

ONLYOFFICE is based on Microsoft Office formats (DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX) ensuring maximum compatibility with most of the existing files. It also support other popular formats including ODF, CSV, PDF, EPUB, RTF, templates, old Microsoft files in DOC, XLS, and PPT, and more.

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Collaborate securely and seamlessly

Collaboration in ONLYOFFICE Docs offers you freedom to keep privacy. You can work in real-time in Fast co-editing mode, or enable Strict mode to lock your current editing area and avoid distractions until you finish.

Advanced document permissions allow sharing files for commenting, reviewing, filling forms in documents, and enabling custom filtering in spreadsheets to restrict access to any data in sheets.

Collaborative features include comments with mentions to invite users to the conversation, built-in online chat and Telegram integration, reviewing, and file version history. You can also compare and merge files with each other using Document Comparison.

Work online without risks

ONLYOFFICE Docs can be employed in many different ways.

One scenario is to use ONLYOFFICE Docs in ONLYOFFICE Workspace, where you can manage and share documents with your team, organize personal, shared and common folders, edit documents collaboratively with colleagues and external users.

It also includes productivity apps to manage and send mail, organize and track team tasks, manage customers and deals with CRM, plan and schedule events, and even build communication with chat, blogs, and forums.

Online collaboration doesn’t require entrusting all your sensitive data to the cloud. ONLYOFFICE Workspace is available in the cloud, and you can as well keep full control to yourself hosting the software on your own network.

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Integrate ONLYOFFICE Docs in your DMS

If you are already using a file sharing service or content management system like Nextcloud, ownCloud, Alfresco, SharePoint, or others, you can integrate ONLYOFFICE Docs to work with your documents collaborative right inside your interface.

Existing integration options include over 30 popular platforms, and it is possible to create a custom integration app using ONLYOFFICE API to enable the editors in any cloud service.

To try ONLYOFFICE in a ready-to-use integration scenario, it is not necessary to install anything. Many existing integrations support connection to the Demo Server that can be connected in the settings once the app is running.

Access from desktop and mobile

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors bring online functionality to your desktop, with ability to fully enjoy the perks of locality. You can use local fonts from your system, spell checker, custom set of external plugins, and work with your printer service directly.

The desktop application is connectable to the cloud, giving you same collaboration functionality. The options include ONLYOFFICE Workspace, Nextcloud, ownCloud, and Seafile, while other clouds can be accessed too via API.

ONLYOFFICE Documents mobile app is available for iOS and Android and gives you a portable version of the suite plus a document management system inside your phone, where you can work on device, in ONLYOFFICE Workspace, or in any cloud storage via WebDAV.

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Both desktop and mobile applications are absolutely free to use and can work as standalone offline apps.

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